Good morning.

I believe I forgot to include something in my update last week. Something rather significant but positive.

On Tuesday, September 23, Meredith, Sue and I traveled over to Dartmouth to have her peg tube removed from her stomach. None of us were really certain how that procedure would go because there were a couple of different versions of it circulating around. None of the versions were really scary, but the fact that there was more than one made us a little nervous.

Meredith, because of her short term memory problems, kept asking us all the way to Dartmouth what they were going to be doing. We did our best to keep her from getting nervous and explained patiently each time that it was the peg tube they were addressing and not the shunt.

When we got there, Meredith and Sue went to use the ladies room while I checked her in. Shortly after they entered the powder room, the nurse came out and asked for her. I told her that she was in the water closet and she said not to worry, just come on in to the examining room when she was finished.

While waiting for the ladies to return from the loo, I saw some one from Rutland come out (to protect the innocent, I’ll chane her name). Xena, the Warrior Princess, and I chatted for a minute before I told her that Meredith and Sue were back in the bathroom. So, Xena went back in and chatted with them for a while before they all exited.

After that, we promptly went to the examining room. We sat down, waited for the nurse practitioner and continued speculating about what was going to happen.

The NP came in. We sat Meredith up on the examining table. She gave Meredith some local anesthesia and POP! out comes the tube.

Yup. That was it. Meredith spent more time in the restroom than she did in the examining room. I was going to ask if we could keep the tube (Malcolm had expressed a sadness about it being taken out…why, I’m not sure but I think that he may have thought mommy would deflate if it came out) but I thought better of the idea.

Seriously, there was no pop, but the tube came out relatively easily. The NP said that her skin was in good condition and well cared for. As of this writing, Meredith no longer requires the use of a bandage on the peg tube site and it seems to be healing quite nicely.

After a stop at McDonald’s (Meredith’s new favorite restaurant) and a quick trip to the puppy-less pet store we headed for home.

Take care and God bless.


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