Okay, so I didn’t watch the whole debate again (family always seems to interfere with national politics, for shame), but I still want to throw out my two cents about what I did see.

I came in at the end of the “attacking” that was being done.  It’s unfortunate that McCain seemed uncomfortable with his attacks because what he had to say has substance and I think a significant bearing on what kind of policies Obama would attempt if elected president.  I hope that his discomfort didn’t detract too much from what he was highlighting about Obama’s political “training”.  If nothing else, however, it may have brought some things to the national stage that may never have made the light of day because of a media blackout on all things detrimental to the Obama campaign.  (An anecodotal example: when talking with people about the election and listening to various details about Todd Palin and abuse of his wife’s office, I asked if they had heard about ACORN’s woes with the feds.  Surprisingly, they had not heard of their problems, nor had they even heard of ACORN.  I know my conversational partner watches CNN and CBS for informational updates, and this is a good example of the aforementioned media blackout.)

I haven’t declared “winners” from these debates in the past because they aren’t really debates and it has been my perception that neither candidate is really saying much of anything.  However, based on what I saw of the debate last night, I will try and make a case for McCain being the winner.  At the very least, I think McCain may have done more for himself last night than Obama did for his campaign.

Beside from looking (and sounding) a little awkward next to the silver-tongued Senator from Illinois, McCain was clearly pointing to most of the problems that we face as being a result of Democratic-type initiatives (i.e. big government).  If nothing else, his answers to some of the questions, especially the Roe v. Wade quetion, were more genuine than Sen. Obama’s.  McCain tried, only partly successfully, to point out Obama’s double speak and expose Sen. Obama’s most left-leaning positions.  I say partially successful, because again, McCain just seemed uncomfortable being aggressive with his opponent and that may have played poorly with undecided voters.

I don’t have time now to delve into the specifics of the portion of the debate that I saw last night, but I will finish with this…what happened to the oratorical skills of Obama during is closing remarks?  He seemed completely flustered.  Did anyone else notice that, or am I just projecting something on to what actually happened?  McCain stumbled a bit in his closing remarks, but no one (or almost no one) expects him to be a grand orator.  Obama, on the other hand, seemed ill-prepared to make his closing remarks.

Well, it should be an interesting three weeks.


PS And now, I want to try out the new polling feature!