It occurred to me this morning that in the realm of music listening, my parents were able to indulge in more instant gratification than I was when I was a youngster.  You see, they listened to records where you could pick up the needle and restart a tune whenever you wanted to with little effort.  You could even start any random place within a song.  I was stuck with cassette tapes.  You had to stop and rewind a tape if you wanted to listen to a song again.  And if the song was in the middle of the side, then you had to guess carefully about when to stop the rewind in order to pick the song that you wanted.

My children have the instant gratification back in the music listening experience.  We have an iPod so they can listen to all of the music they want to without having to go to the shelf to get a CD.  In fact, their favorite album is one that we don’t even own in the physical sense of the word.  I purchased it through iTunes and I’ve never seen more than a file name shoved way into the recesses of my computer.

Oh well.  I guess my generation missed out on a music listening experience with instant gratification.  We’ve more than made up for it, I suppose.