Yes, I know.  That’s an Arthur C. Clarke novel (and a good one if my memory serves me).

I’m trying out themes for my not-yet-official Senate election campaign.  Here’s how this one might work…

For years, as though in an entirely different universe, the U.S. Senate has been an exclusive club for those politicians able to manuever or buy their way there.  Their insulation in the halls of Congress in the land of Washington D.C. has caused the members of the Senate to be more than a little detached from the ordinary citizen of the United States.  

The Senate is a planet drifting aimlessly through our solar system.  Its inhabitants are vaguely curious about the goings on of the people of earth in a little place called America.  In 2010, we can make contact with the Senate.  We can send an ordinary citizen to begin a new era of communication between the Senate and the people.

What do you think?  Too dramatic?  Should I flesh it out some more?