I received my copy of Parting the Waters, by Jeanne Damoff.  It is a true story about the drowning, and survival, of her son, Jacob.  I managed to get through the acknowledgements and prologue without crying.  By the time I finished the first chapter, however, I was sobbing.

Considering the struggle I’ve had (and continue to have) with Meredith’s cancer and all that has involved I knew that reading this account of Jacob Damoff’s drowning and subsequent struggles would be an emotional struggle for me.

I’m not sure how the rest of the book will treat me (emotionally speaking), but I am inspired by Mrs. Damoff’s willingness to lay bare her emotions is comforting and inspiring.  I plan on honoring that willingness with a careful read of her story.


PS Tina, these are not my “official” comments on the book.