I have a juicy email between two members of the Rutland Public Schools “community” that references the recent Presidential Inauguration of Barak Obama.

A general adherence to ethical conduct would prevent me from sharing this email exchange with the public (even though it was conducted using a publicly funded email service). However, I can share that it would not disappoint those of you who are leary of the public schools. The original email was rife with spelling mistakes and was practically worshipping at the feet of the new president. The response was appropriately sympathetic to the sentiments regarding our new president (and, ostensibly, the hope and change that he inspires). The fact that this exchange was shared with the entire school community just makes it tragically funny.

The sad part is that I was trying to see what the school “community” response was to the email and most people didn’t even know what I was talking about (which says a whole lot more about the school “community”, but I won’t go there).

I am daily amazed at the goings on in the public school and how much groupthink seems to have take over critical thinking.

(This may be my last post while a member of the aforementioned school “community”)