I let you know in the morning, but the stomach bug may have officially hit my household at 7:45pm Sunday night.

While I was reading stories with Malcolm and Maura sitting in my lap, I was beginning to get irritated with Maura’s squirming and whimpering.  Well, it turns out she wasn’t just doing that because she was tired.  Moments later she starts spewing the culinary delight prepared and consumed earlier in the evening (hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, spinach and carrots, and a couple of cup cakes to top it all off).

I’ve never seen Malcolm move so fast.  He lept out of my lap faster than you could say blech.  Poor Maura ended up covered in her own vomit by the time I got her to the bathroom and she still had more to go.  She was screaming for comfort but how do you hug  a kid covered in vomit?

We got it all figured out, but she’s had a few more episodes since then and I’m afraid it will be a long night for daddy.  At this point, she is mostly just dry heaving (which is impossible to explain to a two year old).

Malcolm told me that he was going to hide from the stomach bug so that it wouldn’t find him and he wouldn’t get sick.  I’ll let you know if he’s successful, but be prepared to pay for the information.  It would have exceptional value and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to capitalize on that!

Good night.