Do any of my readers know how to establish a Political Action Committee?

Seriously, if I’m going to run for the United States Senate I suppose I need to have a PAC established (at least all the cool kids are doing it).  I know that once I get it set up I’ll be flush with cash and ready to take on my erstwhile and mega-incumbent opponent.

I am also looking for good strategies that will go easy on the wallet.  I’m thinking the use of new (and free) media can help me get a significant leg up into the fickle world of politics.  Should I start a Facebook group?  Should I twitter?  Do I need a myspace?

Freeman consultants have been working round the clock for my campaign, but there will be gaps in the strategy that no mega-consutling firm would be able to fill and predict.  Your ideas are welcome here (especially ideas who lean toward my opponents views as I could gain useful insight into establishing a beach head among your like-minded constituents).

As for those of you waiting for me to establish a platform…why ruin a long standing practice in American politics?  Being vague has worked for countless politicians, it should work for me too, right?  Besides, the more I read or hear about what goes on in today’s political arena, it seems like I might be better served in simply advocating my “newness” to the political field.  You know, the whole fresh perspective idea.  It might take sail in today’s political climate.