May 2009

I wish I had a picture of what Maura looked like after playing for an hour with Malcolm in the dirt pile on our patio out back. Before coming into the house I began to brush her off when I noticed a cloud of dust coming from her head. I thought, hmmm, that’s strange. So I took a breath and blew down on her head and sure enough, a billowing cloud of dirt dust filled the air around my daughters head like the rings of Saturn. It took me a few huffs and puffs before I would let her enter the house.

She claims that Malcolm put the dirt in her hair. Malcolm, for his part, didn’t deny it. I had to run the bath twice just to clear the water of debris and get her hair free of grit. I guess I had better watch a little more closely next time.


So what would be wrong with a completely neophyte senator from Vermont? In fact, what would be so bad about a completely new slate of politicians from all over the country with little or no experience in the current political climate?

Would the United State cease to exist? Would we be worse off than we are now?

I have been slow to get my campaign started but I haven’t given up yet. I refuse to campaign at the expense of my family and their well-being and if that causes me to get off to a slow start, well then so be it.

Whitman for Senate, 2010!