So, Meredith and I were on our way back from my cousin Justin’s wedding (great time!) in Massachusetts and I saw a sign that read (I paraphrase because we raced by it without stopping to take a picture or read carefully and we had already turned around once to pick up the kids rain coats that I left at the hotel):

This Road Project is Part of the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

There were a couple of “cute” little pictures of cartoon men doing cartoon work around the periphery of the sign.

After passing a few more orange construction signs warning of the impending array of cones, barriers, and other roadwork staples, we saw…nothing. Nothing at the bridge that was supposedly under repair. Nothing but signs telling me that there was roadwork. And even those stopped within a mile or two.

So, there you have it. Stimulus, eh hem, American Recovery money hard at work funding those shovel-ready jobs that will stimulate the economy. Pardon my facetiousness.