Vt. farmers cut cow emissions: Rutland Herald Online

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Okay, I am all for saving money and being productive over the long run – now called being sustainable (I think it used to be called being economical), but this is ridiculous:

By feeding their cows alfalfa, flax and grasses, they were cutting down on the gas passed.

If it is saving the farmers money, then I think it is well worth the effort.  That it took being concerned about their “carbon footprint” is at least annoying if not out right ridiculous.  If possible, please look at this new and improved method of feeding cows as a step toward making their business as efficient as possible therefore ensuring the viability of their product for at least a little bit longer.  If “being green” in this case wasn’t economical then there would be cost ramifications down the road for you yogurt consumers (me included).

More importantly, wives everywhere are wondering if alfalfa, flax and grass will reduce the gas passed by their husbands.  Headline: Wives cut husband emissions.