In his townhall meeting today (watched on the internet thanks to Foxnews and this amazing thing called the Internet), President Obama praises the efficiency – a regular outcome of free market operations – of the Mayo clinic and how they provide top quality care at a lower cost to the consumer.  Meanwhile, he plans on pushing through a system of health care run by heavy (handed) government regulations.

Next, he tells me not to be scared by the naysayers who are arguing that this health care reform will be a system run by the government.

He is cleverly selling his plans for health care by arguing that something has to be done.  Note the tone of emergency as though putting off government action on health care would result in catastrophic problems.  Meanwhile he denigrates any opposing view points simply because they don’t offer something done by the government.  It seems that he really believes that government is the only entity, or force, for good in this world and that the only way we will get anything done is by way of government intervention.

I for one don’t buy it, and I hope there is a way that I can convince you, my faithful half dozen readers, not to buy into it either.  The only thing I hope the government does is get out of the health care business altogether.  Protect citizens from criminals (including those that would take advantage of consumers in the health care industry) and leave the rest to consumers and providers.