Good morning, USA fans!  I am spending some unusual free time organizing Firefox so that it is user friendly.  As I was organizing and bookmarking sites I took a look at some political cartoons and I thought to myself:

I wonder if I could share political cartoons on my blog?

Well, I did a little sleuthing and discovered that I can save images and upload them.  Other than taking up space on my hard drive, that seems pretty easy (it would be faster, of course, if I could just cut and paste).  So then I thought to myself:

But what about copyright infringement?

Well, I have no idea.  If I discover this to be an infringement on anyone’s copyright, I will likely stop sharing the cartoons in this fashion.  Instead I’ll just point you to the sites where I find them.  That should avoid any problems with copyright.  Without going into much detail, I take copyrights very seriously because citizens of our great country ought to be able to protect their intellectual (artistic) property as well as their physical property.

So, this may not be the funniest cartoon I’ve read in the last couple of weeks, but here is one that I thought would have broad appeal.

Political Cartoon

Here’s another one that might require a slightly conservative perspective to appreciate:

Madoff Cartoon

A lunatic, or a threat to our nation?

North Korean

And lastly for now…this one probably requires a little more partisan perspective to get the full laugh potential:

Al Franken