I don’t have a big list, but here are a few:

Tonight while reading a short illustrated version of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Maura asked me about the phrase, “he threw his sword straight as an arrow.”  She asked, “Where is his lawn mower?”  Either I need to speak more clearly or clean her ears.

Malcolm’s vocabulary:

  • prize-a-pee = privacy
  • pazzi = pizza (this is an old one that he doesn’t use any more, sadly)
  • what you said? = what did you say?

Maura’s vocabulary:

  • butter n’ jelly = peanut butter and jelly
  • pih mai uh = pick me up (this is an old one)
  • cully = color
  • cullies = crayons

Daddy’s vocabulary:

  • Stop = keep doing what you’re doing because clearly you are ignoring me and I can’t think of a consequence quickly enough to make you stop