I found a story on the internet from WorldNetDaily.  The story highlights a few examples of the NEA’s (National Education Association) attitude toward people who don’t share their vision.  The purpose of the WorldNetDaily article is to highlight the scripted profanity found in retiring general counsel Bob Chanin’s remarks to an NEA convention (I couldn’t easily find the date of the convention but the video was posted on YouTube July 6, 2009).

I’ll embed the video here, but I wouldn’t recommend watching the whole thing (if anyone knows of a way to edit videos in order to highlight certain content, I would like to hear from you).  If you want to hear what the retiring counsel of the NEA thinks (profanity and all) about Bush, conservatives, and those who generally do not share the NEA’s values, start just before 16 minutes.  If you want to hear why Chanin thinks the NEA is successful, go to minute 20 or so.  Ultimately, he says it’s about power.

That educators would clap in the places that they clap is unsettling.  That Chanin celebrates the NEA’s liberal views and lays bare some of the fundamental tenets of the union should not be surprising, but I find it shocking nonetheless.

Update (7/9/09): The Heritage Foundation has a brief analysis of this video with links to other reports.