WORLD Magazine | Theistic evolutionist | Marvin Olasky | Jul 10, 09.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  “Theistic Evolutionist” strikes me as a contradiction in values as well as terms.

On one point I agree with Olasky:

What I and many others need help with is the science. Collins is a busy man, but I’d love to see a discussion between Collins and an ID expert like Steve Meyer, a Cambridge University graduate and the author of a new, highly praised book, Signature in the Cell (HarperCollins). A discussion between two intelligent, influential guys would help all of us to sort out truth from falsehood.

Collins’ theology may be questionable but he puts his faith in who matters (Jesus) and at the same time has a passion for discovering the way that God designed the world.  I don’t share that desire but it is certainly good to know and I think that a discussion of two prominent scientists on the topic of Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism that doesn’t resort to politically charged rhertoric and name-calling would be refreshing to see and informative for believers in Christ.