via Search Results – THOMAS (Library of Congress).

I tried to read through this section of the bill because its title caught my attention.  There are many things that I did not take the time to find out and if some one wants to challenge me then I guess I’ll have to look harder.  However, the title of this section should say enough.

Taxing people because they aren’t carrying acceptable health care coverage?  That is insane!  That’s like taxing some one for not eating enough spinach.  This is about control.  You don’t have to get bogged down in the details to know that the health care reform as proposed by Obama and the Democrats is bad news for our country.  In fact, I would argue its because of the details that too many people are willing to just throw up their hands and say, “oh, I’ll just let the politicians work that out.”

A bill as lengthy and complex as H.R. 3200 is symptomatic of the problem with our government, not the health care industry.  Let’s try something less complex:

Health Care Bill 1.0

Step 1: Start over from scratch – scrap Medicare, Medicaid, VA, SCHIP

Step 2: Make things equal (keep in mind equal does not mean fair) – scrap the tax code.  If an income tax is necessary, make it the same for everyone (a flat tax).

Step 3: Privatize, or incentivize, retirement savings – scrap Social Security

The Law

  1. Section 1 – individuals are responsible for their own care
  2. Section 2 – government shall establish no law abridging Section 1

Step 1 is necessary to get the government to stop controlling prices that they have no business controlling.  Despite good intentions, price controls only serve to make things worse for the general population.

Step 2 is necessary so that everyone can keep as much of their own money as possible.  A tax that is applied the same to all voters is equal and will help prevent elected leaders from abusing the power entrusted to them by the electorate.

Step 3 is necessary to help establish the proper attitude for Section 1.


Once the law is that simple to understand, even our public school students will be able to learn how government works and how they are responsible to keep it working.  (Full Disclosure: I attended public schools.)