Travel icon Arthur Frommer says he won’t be spending his tourism dollars at the Grand Canyon, or anywhere else in Arizona, because the state’s laws allow people he described as “thugs” and “extremists” to openly carry firearms.

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Umm…okay.  I’ll stop buying his travel guides.

Seriously, if he thinks it’s wise to threaten not to visit Arizona (for any reason) as a “travel icon”, then he must be getting bad council from his business advisers.  For example, you want to plan a trip to Arizona.  You’d like to look at a travel guide to see where to go and what to do while you are there.  Frommer has just admitted that he won’t visit there.  So any information that’s contained in his travel guide won’t have been authenticated by him personally (I realize that he probably doesn’t verify every jot and tittle in his books, but you get the idea).  Perhaps you’ll choose a different book for your trip to Arizona.

Worse, it could begin to cast doubts about the legitimacy of the rest of his work.  Once those doubts creep in they will be difficult to eliminate.  And with doubt will come lack of confidence in his product and ultimately fewer sales.  He seems to be committing a slow business suicide.

And lastly, doesn’t Frommer have travel guides to other countries?  For example China.  Or how about almost the entire continent of South America.  You might argue that only the government officials carry guns in these countries but you would be naive to assert that claim.  What is remarkable about Arizona (or anywhere else in this nation) is that the protesters with guns didn’t use them.  In any of these other countries a protester with a gun is likely going to pull the trigger to make his argument.

His threat about not visiting Arizona is just plain hypocritical (with maybe a hint of political opportunism thrown in for good measure).