For anyone interested in a follow up story to the “How drum circles are bad for your health.” story (earlier posts here and here):

DURHAM, N.H. — University of New Hampshire students who live in a campus ministry center where a young woman contracted a rare form of anthrax four months ago were allowed to return home Friday, when state officials lifted a quarantine order.Authorities believe the woman, who has not been identified, swallowed naturally occurring anthrax spores propelled into the air by vigorous drumming. She began feeling sick the next day and later was hospitalized in critical condition with gastrointestinal anthrax.

She has been recovering at home the last few weeks and is doing well, said Dr. Jodie Dionne-Odom, deputy state epidemiologist. “She’s very, very lucky,” Dionne-Odom said.

Gastrointestinal anthrax has a mortality rate of 60 percent to 80 percent.

Brickner-Wood said center officials were trying to raise money to replace the furniture and other items, including computers and a piano, that had to be thrown out during the decontamination process. The center’s insurance company has said it will not cover the $90,000 cleanup cost because “they don’t cover bacteria,” the pastor said.

via N.H. building in anthrax case reopens: Rutland Herald Online.

Well, if I was an insurance company I wouldn’t cover bacteria either (how can you insure against something that’s everywhere…not anthrax, but bacteria?)  I imagine that the insurance company will be settling this claim somewhere down the road.