First of all, whoop-ti-do!  If a carry-on fee is reprehensible to you, then don’t fly the airline that charges you one.  Cased closed.

This, however, gets me goat:

New York Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday that American, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways and JetBlue Airways each have committed to him that they would not institute fees for carry-on bags. He said he was hopeful other carriers would follow suit.

via 5 airlines won’t charge for carry-on bags, senator says: Rutland Herald Online.

Why do airlines, private business entities, have to commit anything to Charles Schumer?  They have to commit to him just because he’s a senator?  What the heck?  Is he in charge of setting fees for airlines, now?

I would have to do more research, but in article that Rush Limbaugh read on the air last Thursday he uncovered the real reason behind the carry-on fees being used by Spirit Airlines in Florida: the government doesn’t (or can’t…not sure which) levy a tax on fees.  In other words, the government can tax the sale of the ticket, the cost of the fuel, and just about everything else that goes into making an airplane trip possible, but they can’t tax a fee for a bag.

So, Spirit Airlines, I presume, has introduced the bag fee and lowered their ticket prices to negate the tax implication of providing customers with the service that they demand.  It may even be a win-win for the customer and the airline.  The customer pays the same (or slightly less) for a trip to reach their destination and the airline keeps more of the money from the transaction for itself.

I hope that Spirit Airlines doesn’t cave and I wish that the electorate would stop tolerating senators who think that an entire industry must answer to them for how they go about making their businesses work.