Foley was honored for his leadership in creating the new Women’s Health Care Unit at the hospital and for his role as a physician leader in Rutland Regional Medical Center’s capital campaign effort to raise $1.25 million towards the purchase of a new linear accelerator for the Foley Cancer Center.

via Foley honored as Physician of Year: Rutland Herald Online.

A more deserving man could hardly be found.

Awards being what they are, it’s a shame that he has to be recognized for the work that he did in raising money (not that raising money isn’t important or the object of the fund raising, for that matter).  Dr. Foley deserves every bit of this award and more because he is an outstanding physician of the highest moral and ethical standards and he is one of the nicest men you will ever meet.

Bravo to you, Dr. Foley, and I believe I know where you are storing your real treasure and, based on my brief interactions with you, you have amassed a great deal of treasure and it will not gather rust.  God bless you.