Editor’s note: this blog post was created about 2 and a half years ago as an experiment in blogging using Microsoft Word. After re-reading it, I thought one or two of my three readers might find my inane ramblings to myself amusing. The table is completely fabricated (I think). If not, sorry I wasted your time. -MW


I am trying to find the most efficient way of writing a blog post. If it helps to use Microsoft Word with its automatic spell checker then that would be of some use to me. I fancy myself an accurate speller but I often mistype words without realizing that I’ve spelled them incorrectly. I would also like to be able to format my posts a little more to my liking.

One of the things about blogs is the format. When I try and read some of the posts made by “experienced” bloggers, I often find myself confused and spending more time trying to read what they’ve written then actually processing the content of what they’ve written.

Of course, a small problem would be that I might not be able to imbed videos and other things as easily as from the web site. Adding categories doesn’t seem to work…or does it?

We’ll see.

Clicking on “Home Page” on the tool bar opens up Internet Explorer and brings me to my site.

Now let’s see if we can save over existing post documents. But before I do that, let me add some links, pictures, and maybe embed a video.

Link to my other blog:

RIS 6th Grade Band

So far this seems to be working out just fine. I have to make sure that the posts are a no wider than a 4-5 inches. The photos/images especially. I had to shrink the graphic or it wouldn’t fit on the page and the web site made no adjustments to the image.

Embedding a video…

So far it all seems to be working just fine.

I don’t plan on actually posting this to my web site, but I’ll keep it for future reference in case there is anything I forget about.

It does, but some of the image quality isn’t very good. I wonder if that could be improved or if it’s even worth improving?

I have no idea what to do with a table. It seems like it could be an effective communication tool if I knew what I was doing with it. I wonder if there is a table for dummies book. I suppose it might help if I knew some of the basic principles of statistics and data, etc. Hmmm…

Same thing with tables. The column on my blog is only five and a half inches wide. Keep it in that width and we’re golden (like the pond).

This could be cool, but I wonder how the reformatting to fit the 5.5 inch column on my blog page will affect it. Well, the graphics again are pretty blah and unimpressive. How would I fix that? Can I save the image as a jpeg? Or is it doomed to be a blocky, ugly image?

Now, about saving and storing these posts on my computer.

I just discovered that I can actually open posts from the blog site. That is very cool. That means if I ever needed to edit them, I could do it from Word as long as I have access to the web. Ah, accessing the web.


  • Time to go to rehearsal
  • We’ll be rehearsing Ginestera next.
  • I play the tambourine
  • And a couple of suspended cymbal rolls.
  • Sweet.

Numbered lists

  1. This is number one
  2. Followed by number two
  3. And Three
  4. Four comes next
  5. Followed by five
    1. With an occasional a
    2. B
    3. And C
  6. We’ll wrap it up with six.

Ahh…Wordpress changes the bullet formatting to fit to its own format program. Bummer. Lists and outlines are useful but not if they don’t act like lists and outlines.

We’ll check this Heading

After I hit enter it goes back to “normal” text.

Heading 2

More Normal.

Heading 3

More normal stuff

Heading 4

More normal stuff. Hmm…heading is not so much different from normal text.

Heading 5

Has its advatanges because it’s italicized.

Heading 6

Is smaller than the normal text. I’ve noticed that some of the colors of the headings are different then the normal text.



Quote. I’m quoting. Yea!

changes and highlighting?