The state budget is about $4.7 billion. If you just look just at state money, state spending is down about 3.5 percent from last year. But with federal funds, overall spending for the state budget is actually up.

This article only skims the surface over how the two (three, really) sides are positioning themselves in the budget debate. The Progressives want to raise income taxes (on the “wealthy”, for now), the Republicans want to leave taxes alone and focus on finding a balanced budget through spending cuts, and the Democrats want a mixture of taxes and spending cuts. On the surface it seems like the Democrats are taking the middle road. But that is hardly the case when you consider the above paragraph. Their position is that they don’t really need to balance the budget because we’ll just get more from Washington D.C.

Here is a key statement:

But Democrats have the votes to pass whatever plan they want.

So, what will the Democrats do with this power? We’ll find out soon, I imagine.

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