There are a lot of reasons not to like a single-payer health care program, but look at this from this WCAX report:

The bill that passed the House sets up what’s called an insurance exchange. Vermont is using the one already working in Massachusetts as a model. Residents there go online to buy their insurance coverage from a government-run site where they can compare prices and plan features. The federal health reform law says every state must have an exchange in place by 2014.

“What we are proposing in Vermont is that this be the mechanism through which most Vermonters purchase health insurance in order to realize administrative savings and simplify and make more comprehensible how you choose health insurance options,” said Anya Rader Wallack, the special assistant to the governor on health care.

But then we read this…

…in 2014 they [interviewed family] will still get their coverage through their employer. But most employers will have to choose from private plans selected by the state.

The insurance exchange is touted as offering consumers a choice in selecting our health insurance, and yet the state (or this yet-to-be-named Jedi Council of a health board) will be selecting who we get to select from. Are the consumers really the ones making the choice?

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