So, my cousin and a colleague of mine are blogging. I know. Shocking.

Anyway, they are currently in the middle of a blogging project that encourages them to blog within a specific framework to enhance their blogging experience (or at least that’s part of the reason). Their blogs are tied in with a thousand other blogs doing the same thing all over the a) country, b) world, c) Internet, or d) place. I believe part of the premise is to gather all manner of frustrated writers together so they can learn things from each other like, how to be a better blogger or how to eat spotted locusts in curry sauce.

So, I tried to join the bandwagon about 5 or six letters into the project and of course it wasn’t open to new participants. As frustrating as that may sound, it was also a bummer. I enjoy writing but I don’t always have something about which I want to write. This project would have been a reasonable way of providing a framework for me to cram some sort of creative writing into my action packed day.

The long story is, I plan on doing this A-Z project anyway (so fie upon you, you exclusive blog project idea people). I will try and get caught up with my very clever and entertaining cousin and my thoughtful music teaching colleague with two posts a day. Then I will get on the much more casual pace of one a day (just like my vitamins!).

Stay tuned!