Opera, not Oprah.

As hard as I try, I can’t get “into” opera (or Oprah either, for that matter – of course, I’m not interested in knowing anything about Oprah). I recognize the historical significance of opera and there certainly are very memorable moments and music from opera, but I can’t be excited about it.

One of Meredith’s and my first dates was to go see Turandot by Puccini at the Met in New York. It was a grand experience (even though we sat in the nose bleed seats) and we both cherished that experience that we shared. The one musical moment hat stands out above others in that particular opera. Nessun Dorma means no one sleeps.

(If I wasn’t using my phone, I would post a video or a link so you could hear it.)

It’s a very powerful melody sung by the lead tenor of the opera. I don’t remember who sang the performance that we heard, but to hear Luciano Pavoratti sing it is transformative.

To commemorate that early experience in our lives together I “commissioned” Dan Graves to arrange it for the first dance at our wedding. He graciously donated it to us as a gift and it was performed excellently by the Vermont Jazz Ensemble.

That will be a hard moment to forget in our lives.

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