This is a tough one, because if I don’t like a song, then I don’t listen to it. And if I haven’t listened to it, then it is hard for me to remember what songs I didn’t like. Oh well.

So, of the songs that I can think of that have earned my ire I will choose…

…anything that is unnecessarily – or over-the-top – vulgar, raunchy, or otherwise inappropriate.

Chalk that up to being a Christian, a dad, a grown up, a prude…take your pick. I cringe even at the most thinly veiled references to illicit sex and drug use. But the pop music of the last two decades have been particularly offensive in this regard because the references have ceased to be thinly veiled and have moved to the barely veiled if not out right overt.

I conduct a popular music unit with my sixth grade students starting at its early beginnings with Scott Joplin, Louis Armstrong, etc., and by the time I get to today’s music I struggle to find music that is actually appropriate to play for the kids. Ironically, its the kids themselves who inform me as to what is popular and the songs they suggest as their favorites are pretty high on the sex/drug reference meter. What stuns and appalls me is that these kids not only listen to this stuff, but that it is available over federally approved airwaves and that their parents don’t seem to care what it is that they listen to.

Call me what you will, but it seems to me more valuable to spend our time celebrating what is noble, honorable, pure, and lovely.

P.S. I debated about whether to put a list of songs that fit into the “high debasement” category, but decided against promoting music that I would encourage you not to listen to.

P.P.S. I don’t usually pay careful attention to the lyrics of the song. So, if your Hypocrite Alarm goes off with another selection that I make, feel free to point out to me the incongruity of my choice and I will either explain my preference for the song or I will admit that I am not perfect (and nor is my “filter” for selecting music).