This project is already much harder than I anticipated. The narrowing down of the endless possibilities to 30 songs is, well impossible. But, for the sake of doing something over doing nothing, I will persist (and in the process, I may even learn a few things).

So, for today’s song…

There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing that I will enjoy eternal life in the presence of the Creator of the universe  who loves me so profoundly that I don’t think I comprehend a fraction of the joy that He has planned for me. Therefore, I choose I’ll Fly Away, an hymn written in 1929 by Alfred E. Brumley. The heart of the message is moving from this troubled life into the presence of God.

There are probably other videos that are more to my liking, but this one will suffice for today. Interesting enough, many performers may not believe in the gospel that inspired the message of the song, but they sing it nonetheless and I presume that is because the hope that is infused in the song is infectious whether you believe what it says or not.

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