This song (or series of songs) by Tielman Susato reminds me of the time that I played with the Star of Indiana in the summer of 1994. It was their first year out of DCI and experimenting with a new concept. They combined forces with the Canadian Brass and I had the very honored privilege, as a junior in college, to play tambourine in an intimate ensemble with the members of the Canadian Brass. Three fellow percussionists and I got to sit and enjoy private rehearsals with five of the premier brass players in the world. Pretty awesome and an experience that I won’t forget.

Anyway, the event that I am reminded of made the experience of playing with the Canadian Brass even “cooler” was playing with the Canadian Brass on stage at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. Yes, the very same stage that the New York Philharmonic plays. And I was playing tambourine with the Canadian Brass. Awesome.

(I just grabbed the closest approximation of my experience)


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