This one will come from the past. I don’t listen to albums any more. I don’t really much listen to music apart from preparing for performances or teaching. I appreciate silence so much that I would rather sit quietly than listen to anything. Blah, blah, blah…I’m catching up on missed project days, so zip it already and get to the album.

I’ll go with Dreams, by Van Halen from 5150. I know most real Van Halen fans prefer the David Lee Roth days, but I caught on to them after they had already switched to Sammy Haggar and I, for one (if I’m the only one) prefer the Sammy Haggar days.

Not to mention this video was awesome as I was growing up. I’ve never flown a jet, but the rush you get from associating this music with the intensity of operating a flaming rocket through the atmosphere was almost too much for me to bear. U.S.A!