…that is a lame question (with apologies to Shakespeare).

So, I don’t blog much anymore. There are mostly practical reasons for not blogging. Chief among them is that I use my phone for internet and composing a well-thought, well-written blog post is very time consuming on the phone and time is something I don’t have much of to spare.

There are a few topics about which I am passionate and in which I would like to engage the culture around me. Unfortunately, two of the topics are the very things we are told not to talk about in mixed company: politics and religion. Well, for the three or so people who read this blog maybe there isn’t much mixed company to speak of and they certainly have the choice not to continue reading something if they so choose.

The other element to blogging (or clogging as my phone’s auto correct would suggest) is it would be far more meaningful if I shared my thoughts in person. You know, face to face, like they used to do in an age gone by. In fact both topics, but especially the religious topic, would benefit from a gentle but thought provoking discussion with people in a give and take exchange of a face to face encounter. 

However, I am not given to gentleness in discussions on these two topics. It’s not because I don’t want to be gentle, but because my nature threatens to take over and I run the risk of getting too fired up. And while my spirit heats up inside me, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain calm and keep my thoughts in order. I know that practice would be the way to fix this problem, but my opportunities to practice are limited and very few and far between.

So, what’s a guy to do? Probably finish this post, publish it, think about writing the next one, and get around to writing again in about three months. (Update: and then check for grammatical errors and fix them before anyone else reads it.)

Until next time, I hope you’re day is relevant and meaningful.