…I have a morning to myself with time to read, reflect, and maybe even write, but do I have any ideas? Nope.

So, of the items I read this morning here are some that I found the most interesting:

Phoenix Story – My friend, Chris Booth, shares about his unusual encounter with a profound spiritual impact.

Should we repeal anti-gouging laws? – This is from Greg Mankiw’s blog and it has several links to follow. I read the three principal links and found that the case against anti-gouging laws stronger than the case supporting them. (Of course, I am already pre-disposed to think that way because of my belief in capitalism as a superior system of governing economic activity.)

The Petraeus story…I don’t know what to think about that. Walter Russell Meade had an interesting post on our countries divergent views on sex. I’m not sure that I drew any conclusions from his post except to shake my head at the world in which we live.

[Uncensored update! Sweet, I have an hour more than I thought thanks to the clocks in the room that I’m in not having been reset from last weeks time change! Which makes me ponder, do we really need daylight savings time? And if we were to get rid of it, which would I rather have…the regular time or the “saved” time?]

Oh…now I have an idea…I’ll start a new post and see if I can get it finished before I have to get on with my day.