Next installment in my vocabulary blogging:


It is safe to say that I am generally jocose, sometimes to a fault.

Anyway, this word also hails from The American Civil War by John Keegan.  Here is the context:

The circumstances of Meade’s appointment were inappropriately jocose.

The definition is here:


given to or characterized by joking; jesting; humorous; playful: a jocose and amusing manner.

A new blog idea?  How about a new vocabulary word every now and then?

Well, I consider myself to be reasonably learned, but it never hurts to increase understanding (the hard part is to make sure that wisdom comes with knowledge…but that’s a different post).  So, while reading The American Civil War by John Keegan, I recently came across this word:


Here is the context:

A European fortress or an American fortress in the East would have had its surroundings altered to make “dead ground” and provide fields of fire across a smooth glacis which could be swept by artillery fire and musketry.  The nature of the ground and the abundance of vegetation at Vicksburg [Mississippi] made the construction of such a glacis impossible.

Here is the definition (from

1. a gentle slope.
2. Fortification . a bank of earth in front of the counterscarp or covered way of a fort, having an easy slope toward the field or open country.