This headline appeared in my Google Reader:

Sign to honor NY trooper killed by car

Was it a Transformer? I thought the Autobots were supposed to be on our side.

(The death of a trooper is not funny. It’s the headline that mocks the troopers death.)

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In lighter news…

The world will be coming to an end this Saturday morning just before six o’clock.

New York Man Spends Life Savings Ahead of May 21 Doomsday, – Sent via the FOX News Android App. Check out the FOX News Android application. To learn more and download the app, go to

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A spokesman for George W. Bush says the former president has declined an invitation from President Barack Obama to attend an observance at New York’s ground zero.

via Bush declines Obama invitation to ground zero – Yahoo! News.

This strikes me as the way diplomacy, or inter-party relationships, should work. Obama gets credit for inviting Bush, and Bush gets credit for letting Obama take the credit. Does Bush deserve more credit for Bin Laden than he is getting in the press? Probably, but sometimes life just ain’t fair.

For what it’s worth, I think if Bush showed up at the observance that it is entirely possible that he would have received more applause than Obama (especially if he was allowed to speak). Just my two cents.

Bus service in Essex County, N.Y., will be free Friday in honor of Earth Day.

(Story found here:

How about:

In honor of Good Friday, grace and forgiveness of sins will be offered free from now until the moment you take your last breath.

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Not if Uncle Lars and Aunt Suzie can help it!

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You’re not serious…

Gov. Peter Shumlin said Wednesday that he has a better plan that won’t rely on increasing electric bills, but he did not provide specifics.

If you believe that, Kristin Carlson, Governor Schumlin has a bridge to New York to sell you.


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A New York mother is fighting back against her school district after administrators and officials told her she and her son didn’t have the right to bike to school together — and that his safety, even beyond school walls, was out of her hands.

via New York Mom Fights Middle School That Banned Her Bike Rides With Son – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News –

Like most things, the “details” of this case are not entirely open and shut, but focus on the phrase, “she and her son didn’t have the right to bike to school together”.

Arguably, we are not born with a right to bike to school, but individuals in this country are constitutionally guaranteed the right of liberty.  If she and her son choose to ride their bikes to and from school it should be none of my business, your business, the school’s business, or the state’s business.

I can only hope that the ridiculousness of “laws” like these that begin to show the futility of our government running a public option for health care.