Darren Allen, spokesman for the Vermont chapter of the National Education Association, said the union does not expect teachers in the union to cross picket lines.”If teachers do that, that is their choice. It’s the wrong choice. We have not heard that, and we would be incredibly disappointment [sic],” he said. “If they’re willing to sacrifice their own good and the good of hundreds of their brothers and sisters that’s something they’ll have to live with for the rest of their lives.”

Did he really say that?

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…an NBA season this year?

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Tallies from each of the state’s 72 counties show Justice David Prosser defeated challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by 7,316 votes. State election officials said they will wait to declare an official winner until the deadline for Kloppenburg to seek a recount passes. She has until Wednesday to call for one.

via Canvass Shows Conservative Incumbent Wins Wisconsin Supreme Court Race – FoxNews.com.

I think this is a good thing for Wisconsin. I also hope that Unions and their political partners, the Democrats, will not pursue endless litigation on the matter of so-called collective bargaining “rights”. I say so-called, because I don’t believe that bargaining collectively is a right.

I hope that they can publish this new bargaining law soon and move on with the matter. If the voters are unhappy with it, elect a new crew in the next election cycle. I doubt that this new collective bargaining law will be impossible to rescind or revise.

Three cheers for common sense!

It appears that the bracket to see who gets the most recalls Wisconsin is just beginning to get filled in. The recalls aren’t official until there are enough signatures collected. The selection results looks to be headed for a tie: Democrats 1, Republicans 1.

The group seeking to recall Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) is the only one of 16 recall campaigns against eight Republican and eight Democratic state senators that has filed its signatures with the state.

The head of the campaign to recall Sen. Robert Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) says the group has gathered enough signatures to force a recall election.

Via Journal Sentinel Online http://www.jsonline.mobi/blogs/news/119202494.html?ua=android&dc=smart&c=y

Once the bracket is official it will be very interesting to see what happens come game time.

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Marty Beil, executive director of the state’s largest public employee union, said he didn’t think the action meant the law was going to take effect.

“The problem is they’re (Republicans) the dictator here so we have to go into a court of law and reaffirm it,” he said. “This is Scott Fitzgerald and Scott Walker’s gulag here. It’s craziness. These guys are off the wall. They’re drunk with some kind of power or misconception of reality.”

Phil Neuenfeldt, president of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, called the action an “illegal backdoor maneuver.”

“This is a dark day for Wisconsin and a travesty to our democracy,” he said.

via Controversial Wisconsin Union Law Published Despite Court Order Blocking It – FoxNews.com.

This is the new and improved tone in American civil discourse?

I find myself in an odd position. What I would really like to see is the end of union power in government. Some of the “talk” on the airwaves has been around whether Republicans can win this fight by playing by the rules. The argument is that the Democrats and unions never play by the rules so how can the Republicans win if they do play by the rules when their opponents do not.

In the end, I would like to see an end to collective bargaining agreements in the government. Whether what’s taking place in Wisconsin is by the rules or not is very important but I hope the result is returning the power back to the voters.

“We’re never going to give up,” said Marilyn Rolfsmeyer, 56, who serves as the 300-student Argyle School District’s only art teacher. “What part of it don’t they understand? There’s hope here. I feel it. You feel the energy, the intensity. Somebody’s got to be out there feeling it, too.”


I have nothing against art teachers (I even like a few of them), but this line from this report struck me as though it were intended to garner sympathy for the ‘poor’ art teacher who had to teach 300 students art all by herself. All of the art teachers (and music teachers and gym teachers) that I know teach at least that many students. It’s their job.

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The federal government supports less than 9% of the cost of public education. Why should Americans tolerate the central government directing policy in local districts?

Unfortunately, he doesn’t cite a reference for this figure. If its accurate, wow! That needs to be publicized more in order to highlight the bizarre relationship that local schools have with the federal government who typically clamor for federal monies. Of course, if it isn’t true then I wonder what the real figure is.

From American Thinker


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