This post is in response to some videos surfacing that claim Reagan promoted the same kind of tax policy that Obama does now. I believe the key difference (and an important one) is in the beginning of the second paragraph:

What we’re trying to move against is institutionalized unfairness. We want to see that everyone pays their fair share, and no one gets a free ride. Our reasons? It’s good for society when we all know that no one is manipulating the system to their advantage because they’re rich and powerful. But it’s also good for society when everyone pays something, that everyone makes a contribution.

After all, we’re all citizens, equal in the eyes of the law, and equal in the eyes of God. You’re given a lot of benefits when you’re born in the U.S.A, but you’re given a responsibility, too, a responsibility to do your part and become a contributing member of the American family and an equal partner in America, Incorporated. When you pay your taxes, you buy your shares. And every year you get to vote on who should be on the board of directors.

There is more that illustrates the differences between Reagan and Obama and I don’t think it does Obama any favors to try and make the comparison.

Here is a video of the speech I quoted above. I did not find footage from the video used in the “Buffet Rule” video to check the context of those remarks.


This is a pleasant way to start your Tuesday morning.

Anything by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

I play the piano well enough to impress my youngest students, but that’s about where it ends. From my understanding of piano literature, Rachmaninoff is a “biggie” (fancy musical term for “that’s really impressive and hard stuff, man”). I figure, if I could play something by Rachmaninoff, then I could play just about anything, right?

Well, here is a sample:

Salvation is Created, Pavel Chesnokov

My first experience with this work was with a band arrangement of this work and it was very moving. Not even knowing the text of the song, the title says enough: salvation is created. What better way to enter into eternal life than knowing that you have been saved.

I found a mixed choir performing it here:

Not even knowing the text of the song, the title says enough. Salvation is created.

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Another whoops…sorry if you read this the first time and found…nothing here.

Favorite band? I’m not sure I really have one. But, for the sake of the huddled masses…

Buddy Rich Band

Pretty much anything by Enya.

Yeah, I used to like listening to her. Now, her music kind of lulls me into a coma-like stupor.

So…a random video:


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