Colon said Public School 108 failed to provide special education services that could have brought Cristians performance up to grade. She said he “is being socially promoted for their convenience.”

via NYC mom says son not ready for sixth grade – WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-.


This headline appeared in my Google Reader:

Sign to honor NY trooper killed by car

Was it a Transformer? I thought the Autobots were supposed to be on our side.

(The death of a trooper is not funny. It’s the headline that mocks the troopers death.)

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Below is an AP article posted at The AP may not be so bold as to tell you who you should vote for, but they do a fine job of telling you who you should not vote for. I am probably violating fair use laws, but I wanted to show you the whole article for effect. I’ll comment at the end.

Perry’s credentials: As conservative as they come – WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

By CHRIS TOMLINSONAssociated Press
                  AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – If Texas Gov. Rick Perry runs for president, he’d bring along strong conservative credentials.
                  He denounces Social Security and other entitlement programs, and he represents activists in fights on social issues such as abortion and gay rights.
                  Even within his own party, Perry is a rabble-rouser. He complains that too few politicians are standing up for their conservative beliefs.
                  Perry puts his beliefs on display in his books and his legislative agenda in Texas.
                  He’s advocated laws that require a sonogram before an abortion and that force police to enforce federal immigration law.
                  But most of all, he believes in state’s rights and says that’s where laws concerning marijuana and gay marriage should be decided.
                  Whether those politics can win him the presidency is an open question.

The title says it all, but in case you haven’t been numbed into believing that conservatives are evil/bad/sexist/racist/intolerant/etc., then I’ll extract some goodies to help you loathe conservatives just like our media shepherds.

Paragraph two helps you understand why conservatives are bad, you see. They denounce Social Security and other entitlement programs (I.e. welfare). Don’t bother with their reasoning or explanations, all we need to know is that conservatives “denounce” them. We also know that they are “activists” on social issues.

The next few paragraphs tell us more about Perry specifically. Perry is a “rabble-rouser”, he “complains”, he actually puts into practice his conservative beliefs by having you take a look at the human life that you’re about to kill (abortion), and actually enforcing laws that help keep everyone safe and playing by the same rules (immigration), and he thinks that the states have rights before the federal government.

The AP reporter wraps it up with this little “I hope not” gem:

Whether those politics can win him the presidency is an open question.

I doubt there is any question in his mind about what to expect.

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Bus service in Essex County, N.Y., will be free Friday in honor of Earth Day.

(Story found here:

How about:

In honor of Good Friday, grace and forgiveness of sins will be offered free from now until the moment you take your last breath.

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There are a lot of reasons not to like a single-payer health care program, but look at this from this WCAX report:

The bill that passed the House sets up what’s called an insurance exchange. Vermont is using the one already working in Massachusetts as a model. Residents there go online to buy their insurance coverage from a government-run site where they can compare prices and plan features. The federal health reform law says every state must have an exchange in place by 2014.

“What we are proposing in Vermont is that this be the mechanism through which most Vermonters purchase health insurance in order to realize administrative savings and simplify and make more comprehensible how you choose health insurance options,” said Anya Rader Wallack, the special assistant to the governor on health care.

But then we read this…

…in 2014 they [interviewed family] will still get their coverage through their employer. But most employers will have to choose from private plans selected by the state.

The insurance exchange is touted as offering consumers a choice in selecting our health insurance, and yet the state (or this yet-to-be-named Jedi Council of a health board) will be selecting who we get to select from. Are the consumers really the ones making the choice?

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You’re not serious…

Gov. Peter Shumlin said Wednesday that he has a better plan that won’t rely on increasing electric bills, but he did not provide specifics.

If you believe that, Kristin Carlson, Governor Schumlin has a bridge to New York to sell you.


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So just over 25% of the doctors who participated in this survey said that they would leave the state. Well, that is unless the survey is in question:

“That was a nonscientific survey,” said Dr. Deb Richter, a Vermont physician. “I happen to know that people took it who weren’t physicians who pretended they were. And there were people who took it more than once. So it’s hard to believe the results of a survey that weren’t scientifically done. So I wouldn’t make any conclusions about that.”

I’m not a doctor, I just play one when I’m filling out a survey.

Now, I am as skeptical as they come regarding single-payer health care. But would Dr. Richter be willing to name the people who she says are not doctors or may have filled out the survey more than once? Did we ask for any evidence of her claim, Anson? Because if its true that people are faking this survey then that’s pretty serious stuff and I wouldn’t want to base any of my arguments on it. On the other hand, maybe that’s just what I’m supposed to do anyway, whether this survey is legitimate or not – don’t use it in making a case against single-payer because that would hurt our goal.
I’m no expert in journalism, but reporting like this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


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