May 2010

Well the donations just keep rolling in and we have some motivated team members, to boot!

Our team donations have reached the $200 mark and I’m pretty excited about that (even though we have a long way to go to meet our new goal: $306.08/team member).

Sign up to become a team member today, or go online to the Purple People Eaters team page and make a donation.


The EPA had a video contest to help explain to people how rules and regulations intersect with our everyday lives (as though that’s a good thing).  Here is one submitted by someone from Reason:

This just in:

With two excellent donations from my most excellent niece and nephew The Purple People Eaters have reached the $100 mark!

Thanks Haley and Logan!


I posted yesterday about the Walk for Thought with the idea of just planting the idea in people’s heads, but instead we’ve already raised $90!  That is awesome!  I can’t wait to share the news with Meredith.

Below is a “form” letter to let you know how you can participate as a fundraiser and join our team (the Purple People Eaters).  You are certainly welcome to just donate to either Meredith or me and just being on the team doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to walk (although, you may have a lot of explaining to do to your donors).

It’s exciting to see people being generous!  Thank you.


Dear Friends and Family,

I recently decided to participate in Brain Injury Association of Vermont’s Walk for Thought on June 19, 2010.  Why don’t you join my team! Everyone knows its more fun walking with someone, plus the more people the merrier!  I need YOU on my team!

By joining the team, you will be able to invite your friends and family to your own personal fundraising page to read your personal story and make a donation. To join the team and set up your online site, just follow these simple steps.

1. Go to: and register as a Fundraiser.
2. Design your individual fundraising page.
3. Click on the Team button.
4. Enter the team information indicated.

Participating in an event that raises money and awareness for BIAVT is important to me.  Think about how brain injury has impacted those around us. Every year in Vermont, over 3,000 individuals will need emergency services due to a brain injury with 1 in 15 people impacted as a result.  The money we raise will go a long way in helping the Brain Injury Association of Vermont in its efforts to provide resource information, peer support for survivors and family members, and brain injury prevention education. To learn more about the BIAVT, please visit their Web site at

I need your support, so please do anything you can, like join my team!   If you are unable to be part of my team this year, then please consider making a donation and help me reach my fundraising goal.

Thank you so much for all of your support.  I look forward to seeing you at Walk for Thought!

Team Account information:

Team Name: Purple People Eaters

The homepage for Purple People Eaters is:

Heritage Foundation Link

Walk for Thought is a fund raiser for the Brian Injury Association of Vermont.  More details to come, but Meredith would like to participate in the Walk for Thought and we’ve started a fund raising page on their web site.  The address is here:

If you want to join the team and help us raise money through your connections, then you will need to create a page by registering and joining Meredith’s team, the Purple People Eaters.


Heritage Foundation Link

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