Below is an AP article posted at The AP may not be so bold as to tell you who you should vote for, but they do a fine job of telling you who you should not vote for. I am probably violating fair use laws, but I wanted to show you the whole article for effect. I’ll comment at the end.

Perry’s credentials: As conservative as they come – WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

By CHRIS TOMLINSONAssociated Press
                  AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – If Texas Gov. Rick Perry runs for president, he’d bring along strong conservative credentials.
                  He denounces Social Security and other entitlement programs, and he represents activists in fights on social issues such as abortion and gay rights.
                  Even within his own party, Perry is a rabble-rouser. He complains that too few politicians are standing up for their conservative beliefs.
                  Perry puts his beliefs on display in his books and his legislative agenda in Texas.
                  He’s advocated laws that require a sonogram before an abortion and that force police to enforce federal immigration law.
                  But most of all, he believes in state’s rights and says that’s where laws concerning marijuana and gay marriage should be decided.
                  Whether those politics can win him the presidency is an open question.

The title says it all, but in case you haven’t been numbed into believing that conservatives are evil/bad/sexist/racist/intolerant/etc., then I’ll extract some goodies to help you loathe conservatives just like our media shepherds.

Paragraph two helps you understand why conservatives are bad, you see. They denounce Social Security and other entitlement programs (I.e. welfare). Don’t bother with their reasoning or explanations, all we need to know is that conservatives “denounce” them. We also know that they are “activists” on social issues.

The next few paragraphs tell us more about Perry specifically. Perry is a “rabble-rouser”, he “complains”, he actually puts into practice his conservative beliefs by having you take a look at the human life that you’re about to kill (abortion), and actually enforcing laws that help keep everyone safe and playing by the same rules (immigration), and he thinks that the states have rights before the federal government.

The AP reporter wraps it up with this little “I hope not” gem:

Whether those politics can win him the presidency is an open question.

I doubt there is any question in his mind about what to expect.

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Parents Outraged Over New Zealand Schools Planning ‘Secret’ Abortions, – Sent via the FOX News Android App.

There is a guidance counselor in the article quoted saying something like, this could be an ethical nightmare. Ya think?

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American Thinker: Things Planned Parenthood’s ‘Truth Team’ Forgot to Mention.

Seventh Grader Sues School Over Right to Wear Pro-Life T-Shirt – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News –

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The article describes some of the pertinent events of the law suit, but it only represents a very brief summary of the events that led to the suit being filed.  Even so, let me extrapolate the gist of the article for you here.

First, here is the image that was on the T-shirt:

Pro-Life T-shirt

Now, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the images on the shirt.  In fact, one of the concerns from the school’s point of view is that it is a k-8 school and that some of the material could be inappropriate for younger children.  So, I thought about it.  Would I want my own children (ages 3 and 2) to see those images?  Absolutely.   Why wouldn’t I show them an image of what we all looked like when we were in utero?  Of course, I would prefer to do it on my own terms instead of an image on a T-shirt, but from the perspective of inappropriateness, I think this pales in comparison to other images that I’ve seen on T-shirts in schools.

The basic events go like this:

  • Girl wears shirt to school
  • Administrators (we used to call them principals) confront the girl at breakfast time and bring her to the office
  • Administrators order the girl to remove the shirt and not to wear it again
  • Girl removes shirt to comply with the order
  • Mom sues the school on behalf of her daughter

Those are the bare facts.  I hate to make assumptions, but I’m assuming that they (the administrators), while insisting on the girl to remove the shirt, did not do anything additionally inappropriate.  We’ll see.  I’ll try and follow this story, but I suspect that it may not make any headlines beyond this because of the topic and because the law suit will likely take months to develop.

What, dear readers, are your thoughts on this shirt?  On the law suit?

I have to amend my last post to read:

Will we see the headline, “Muslims Denounce Violence Against U.S. Military Recruiters”?

Headlines read: Pro-lifers condemn murder of abortion doctor.

Will we see a similar headline in response to the murder of a military recruiter? “Anti-Military groups condemn murder of military recruiter”