Summer 2007

Summer 2007

I’m new to the world of blogging so I plan on playing around with the features of this blog site and finding out what it can do.

My family is going through some challenging times (see the Caring Bridge website for more details) and I am finding that using the internet to communicate with people has been helpful for me and informative for those who are interested in our situation.

I also enjoy talking about politics but find it difficult to communicate with people when face to face time is so limited and is too easily influenced by sound bite arguments.


4 Responses to “About this blog…”

  1. Hello Marc…welcome to the great unknown…

  2. spaghettipie Says:

    Hi Marc –
    I saw a comment you left on Aaron’s blog about the book, Parting the Waters. Would you be interested in reading it and posting about it if I sent it to you? I’m coordinating a blog tour to promote the book for later this month.
    Let me know your thoughts.
    Tina Howard

    1. Marc Whitman Says:

      Certainly. I will put it to the top of my reading queue when it arrives.

  3. […] week or more went by and I get a comment on my blog from Tina Howard who asked me if I would be interested in receiving a free copy of the book so that I could comment […]

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