Average spending for the federal budget as a percent of GDP from Eisenhower through Bush was 20.0%.  In its first year, the Obama administration blew out the budget to 25% of GDP.  That was when the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress.  In order to lock in the 2009 level of spending, which included the allegedly temporary stimulus, the Senate has not passed a budget since April 2009, even though the Budget Act of 1974 requires it to do so every year (making Harry Reid a scofflaw). 

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In early 2006, Jaime Tardy, 29, of Turner, Maine, resolved to wipe out $70,000 in debt as quickly as possible so that she could quit her job and start a family. By April 2007, she and her husband were debt-free — and had $23,000 in the bank.

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A worthy goal to which I aspire.