It was 11 years ago this past weekend at the All State Music Festival in Rutland that I wooed Meredith with one of the best lines in my repertoire: nice socks.

I believe they had cows on them, or they were cow print.

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Specifically, the National Zoo in Washington D.C. because that is where Meredith and I first held hands and we haven’t let go since.

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We all have M names. Even the dog:
And Merlin

We did have a fish at one time that did not have an M name. In fact, it never really had a name at all. Maybe it died in despair knowing that it was never really a member of our family because it lacked an appropriately begun name.

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Not long ago, my wife Meredith and I tried a diet to help us achieve a healthier weight. We talked to John Scaralia at BodyTech in downtown Rutland and he was very thorough in his explanation of how his diet worked. The premise behind the diet is feed muscle, burn fat. The plan seemed sound and we certainly would not have been starving on this diet. It features a balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fat elements of the diet with an emphasis on the protein as the muscle builder. Blah, blah, blah…diet. Moving on…

So, that started my foray into eating 5 eggs a day. Yes, five. Did you know that all of the fat in an egg is in the yoke? Yes, it’s true. Most of the protein is in the white. Who knew? (I’ve been saying that a lot lately, sorry.)

I don’t eat five whole eggs. I eat 1 whole egg with 4 additional egg whites.

It takes a bit of time to crack and separate 5 eggs in the morning. I tried the egg whites that you can buy in cartons and I didn’t really care for it. So, I am stuck with cracking 5 eggs every morning.

Once cracked, I usually just cook them omelet style. I don’t add anything because that would seem to take away from the “healthiness” of it. They taste good all by themselves. Plain. But, that’s me. Plain. I like vanilla, too.

As for the diet, it didn’t last long because it required me to eat 6 meals a day! I didn’t have time for preparing all of that.

The good news is that my weight is pretty healthy. So, here’s to the mighty egg!

P.S. In case you needed incentive to have a healthy weight, when I lost 30 pounds from my peak weight all of my cholesterol numbers improved dramatically. No special diet, just weight. I was stunned.

I have one.

Notice the lime green cast.

His name is Merlin.


He has his moments

He is a pug.

Are you lookin' at me?

He is also a Repuglican.

Patriotic Pug

The letter D’s theme was suggested by my wife, Meredith.

For some reason (I think mostly love for my wife) I have found myself motivated to attend to the lawn/garden of our house. As I nurse my aching back and sore shoulder I wonder to myself, “People actually enjoy doing this?”

I suppose when it looks good at the culmination of the work there will be a certain amount of satisfaction and pride (but doesn’t pride come before a fall…in home values?).

Of course, when you spend time in the dirt you meet some interesting folks, like Mr. Rose Flower the toad.

Maura gave him his name.


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