The robo-hits to my blog have flat lined. So much for feeling good about myself. Sigh…

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I must have been featured on random blog day at WordPress because I had 105 hits to my homepage yesterday. No one read anything, but they saw my homepage.

Even so, it made me feel good for a few moments.

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The internet is down at school and all of my lessons today were using the internet. That figures.

Oh, and the lessons that don’t require the internet…well they’re stores on the server which I also don’t have access to.


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I’m considering switching my blog host to Blogger.

Should I?


Why not?

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“I do love God and Jesus. And Jesus is my hope. And I love everything that God made.”

Picture credit: Malcolm Whitman (all rights reserved)

Videographer & Transcript: Daddy (Marc Whitman)

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So, if you’ve seen a whole bunch of posts from me in the last 24 hours it’s because I haven’t quite figured out how to publish the posts from my phone yet. It seems like they are published, but in cyber-reality, they are not.

I think I may have figured it out. Whether I can execute the next post from creation to publication without error in practice remains to be seen.


And thanks to you two for reading.

So, I added a feature to my blog that allows readers to give my post a rating. So far, I’ve only had one vote on one post (sorry this image is so small, I’m still trying to figure out “screen grab” technology and whatnot):

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The rating was a one out of five stars!  Sweet.  Not long ago I probably would have let that bother me and eat me alive, but now I’m pretty giddy (is that too feminine a word to use here?).  I am left wondering what could possibly have earned my post only one start out of five?  I sure wish the rater would have given me some indication.

  • Was it incoherent?
  • Was it poorly presented?
  • Did it lack facts and figures?
  • Did I use poor grammar?
  • Did I strike a nerve?
  • Was the rater a union member?

Of course, I would prefer a comment so that I can respond and discuss thoughts and ideas and current events, but I know that people are busy and I’m just grateful that anyone is reading my stuff to begin with.  So for now, I will be very content with my single “poor” (or is it “very poor”) rating.  Thank you.