Hobby Lobby went from an inoffensive business to a scofflaw and an alleged combatant in the “war on women” in no time at all — and without changing any significant employment or business practice. Thus is the transformation wrought by the coercive sweep of Obamacare, which risks doing as much damage to conscience rights as it has done to the insurance market.




Walk-A-Thon 2013

My children will be participating in the annual Rutland Area Christian School Walk-A-Thon next week and they are seeking donations/pledges to help them raise their goal or $1,000 to support the mission of the school. They have an outstanding team of teachers and staff who nurture all areas of their lives. Please consider supporting their education and the work of this great school.

Please click on the link above to fill out a form for a donation. Thank you!

So, because I’ve been on vacation I feel like I have the time to write and I want to challenge myself to write more. I thought I would challenge myself to write one blog post a week. I realize when I get back to work that I will wonder what I was thinking, but it may be worth a shot.

Any suggestions on what to write about? A potpourri of ideas logged throughout the week? A weekly focus, or challenge, that could be determined ahead of time? Maybe a four week rotation of themes that I cycle through each month. Should I share any music compositions that I work on (warning: they are never very complete because I don’t ever take the time to flesh out the ideas)?

If any readers are still out there, let me know, I’d appreciate your feedback.

Just a thought to throw out there…

I’ve noticed (without cataloging the evidence) that the “liberal” press (or as some people refer to it, the serious source for news) and its supporters caution news consumers to be wary when they read stories from sources like Fox News and other “conservative” news press organizations. I agree, readers ought to read/view their news thoughtfully and think about the report critically no matter where they get their information. What strikes me as disingenuous is when those same folks stay mum on any story that doesn’t add up from one of the preferred news sources.

I have more thoughts to add, but little time to put them to ink (so-to-speak).

I wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post expressing my opposition to same sex marriage. I am gay. However, I believe wholeheartedly that the definition of marriage is immutable.



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