Biblecation School = Vacation Bible School (Maura)

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Churkey = turkey

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Chicken Very Tocky = chicken teriyaki

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I’m hoping this works as a way to publish information about the Rutland Area Christian School golf tournament on Friday May 20 (there should be a poster/image/pdf file showing).

Email me if you have more questions.


…and that’s good enough for me.

Munch, munch, munch

Well, it’s not good enough for the politically-correct health-nut ninnies in our government and on public television. Apparently, Cookie Monster is not allowed to eat cookies anymore because it sets a bad example for the impressionable youth of our country.


I let my kids eat cookies but I don’t let them watch Sesame Street. So there!

Seriously, why do we allow these “I-Know-Better-Than-You” types to dictate what my kids can and can’t eat? If they (they being the government “officials”) want to suggest to me healthy ways of feeding my kids, I’m all ears. But to dictate to PBS and the creators of Sesame Street that Cookie Monster can’t eat cookies? Oh wait? Taxpayer money subsidizes PBS…so I guess they have to do what Nanny Sam tells them. (Well, truth be told, I don’t know how that decision was reached so I best not pontificate too much on the connection between the Nanny Government and Sesame Street.)

Let Cookie Monster be Cookie Monster, I say. Let loose the cookies!

I don’t have a big list, but here are a few:

Tonight while reading a short illustrated version of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Maura asked me about the phrase, “he threw his sword straight as an arrow.”  She asked, “Where is his lawn mower?”  Either I need to speak more clearly or clean her ears.

Malcolm’s vocabulary:

  • prize-a-pee = privacy
  • pazzi = pizza (this is an old one that he doesn’t use any more, sadly)
  • what you said? = what did you say?

Maura’s vocabulary:

  • butter n’ jelly = peanut butter and jelly
  • pih mai uh = pick me up (this is an old one)
  • cully = color
  • cullies = crayons

Daddy’s vocabulary:

  • Stop = keep doing what you’re doing because clearly you are ignoring me and I can’t think of a consequence quickly enough to make you stop