August 2010

Nyad and the USC study authors demand that television cover women’s sports “fairly and equitably,” but the study never once mentions the word “attendance.” Shouldn’t fan interest in the games drive the media stories? Economist Mark Perry, my colleague at the American Enterprise Institute, looked at the numbers. For the 2009 season, the NBA got 92.3 percent of the total attendance for pro basketball (NBA plus WNBA), while the WNBA got only 7.7 percent of the total attendance (see chart below). But according to the USC study, the WNBA received 22.2 percent of the coverage. Perry’s conclusion: “So women’s pro basketball got a hugely disproportionate share of media coverage. Total attendance at NBA games was 12 times greater than attendance at the WNBA games, but media coverage was only 3.5 times greater for men than for women.”


Yes, I like policing poop (that comes from my own dog).  I like others to police the poop of their dogs, too.  I have been fortunate to avoid having to clean up too much strange dog poop on my own lawn but I’ve noticed it aplenty on walks through my neighborhood.

I wonder if those people who aren’t policing their dog’s poop are the same people who are using “environmentally friendly” reusable grocery bags.  If so, I blame the green movement and their accomplices in the grocery store industry for the veritable field of land mines that is my neighborhood.  No matter.

Shame on you.  Police your poop!

Facebook site for Rush Limbaugh “haters”:

It boasts to be able to find 2 million people who dislike Rush Limbaugh.  It has 2,289 fans/”likes”:

Just saying…